May 23, 2020 :34: pizzaDashGate : Quarantine Meeting #11

Hello to all netizens out there isolated in their quarantined abodes.

Thanks to all who decided to join us for our virtual quarantine meeting #11. Everything seemed to go OK except with my end of the Skype conversation. Apparently, everyone heard themselves and myself fine, but some that tried to talk to me was static stuttering garbage.

Actually, it is not really that bad but it will be noticeable. I did end up blaming it on Internet, however the “consistency” and the newness of my new setup makes me also question: sparkoCam software, as well as, obs and it’s virtual cam plugin. Anyway, it is what it is and this is it. Here are some of the the topics that we talked about in today’s meeting.

If you missed our meeting in real-time, then you can always listen to this podcast.

I hope you all enjoy this audio recording. Also, you can watch the YouTube video at:

I’ll talk to you next week!

Everyone take care and #techOn!

Scott, headNerd
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