About Our Club

We are a group of enthusiastic ‘Elder Nerds’ that meet each week to talk about technologies and media that affects our lives and peak our interests. Some of our most recent themes are:

  • Medical Tech
  • Smart Homes
  • Recommendations of things such as: Movies, TV Shows, Books, Podcasts, YouTubes, Websites, and Applications.
  • Trouble-Shooting and
  • Technical Support

The San Carlos Computer Club is a discussion group which focuses on topics of general interest. The level of discussions range from basic to intermediate experience and we always welcome all tech enthusiasts to join in our meetings.


FYI: Meetings in Tequila’s have been discontinued for the foreseeable future.

Our meeting have gone to a virtual format, and are held online.

About Me

Hi, my name is Scott Stimson, and I am the interminable host/guest speaker at the San Carlos Computer Club.  I have worked and lived in San Carlos, Sonora Mexico for over 20 years. My business provides outsourced IT for professional organizations, as well as, repairs equipment, builds webpages, and makes private home visits.

If you’re looking for more content from me, then I do have a personal blog, as well as, YouTube channels for myself, our business: International Computer Solutions, as well as, of course, for The San Carlos Computer Club.

To schedule an appointment contact  Scott at International Computer Solutions, Office: +52-622-226-0209, or look for me on Facebook.


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