Live Meetings Every Tuesdays at 10AM

Watch, Meet, Contribute

We always try to have virtual meetings that people can participate in using Google Meet or watch on YouTube.

How to Be Part of Our Conversation

We are using the Meet code: [rgb-rrgc-gap] for weekly meetings.
If we need more time, then we will use the New Meet code: [yah-jtzj-pox].

Please join with your microphone muted

Meeting details

      1. 30-45 minutes before the meeting a notification is sent out on email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and this blog (please subscribe and/or provide your email to receive these notifications.)
      2. We meet every Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 11:00 online in a Google Meet. The meeting will begin 15 minutes early to provide time for testing connections and sound quality.
      3. To participate, you need a Google Account (a.k.a., a Gmail account.)
      4. To Watch, you can follow along on the YouTube live stream found on this page.

Let me know if there are any issues watching our stream.


Meetings in Tequila’s are currently in the works. Come back later for details.

<—If we ever get to have meetings in Tequila’s again then the rest of this is true —>

      1. Tequila’s provides us with WiFi, so you can bring your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
      2. We have a 10 peso donation that we collect as a propina to Tequila’s for providing us with the room, WiFi, and service.
      3. Many people arrive earlier (around 8:30 am) to have breakfast before our meeting.
      4. There is no formal order or structure to our group, however we take turns, encourage people to share, and  help each other.
      5. Each meeting is live streamed as both and audio stream, and a video YouTube stream. A recording is published as a podcast that is available from this website, in the iTunes Store, or in anywhere you may find your podcasts. Just search for, ‘ The San Carlos Computer Club’. leave a review while you’re there.
      6. I am happy to answer questions, and provide information on any topic that I am knowledgeable in if it interests the group.


  1. I tried to get into this mornings session . I got your introduction but the feed petered out about a minute later and I was unable to get onto the stream again.

    Have a great day,

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to figure-out why we were having a problem during the meeting. The recorded meeting will be up soon (if you want to hear what you missed.)
      – Scott

  2. Hey Scott, was trying to listen in today again. Had lots of problems with it all. Facebook live stream worked for a bit, then the video froze and only has some audio for a while. Then it all stopped.
    Also the live stream from the webpage worked on and off. Then i went directly to the link for the livestream and had the same issues.
    Is there a bug or something, maybe I should switch browsers? I’m using chrome for most everything.
    I do subscribe to the podcast, so i typically catch it later on, but prefer to be a ‘part of the dicsussion’ when I can.


    • Hi Mickey,
      I think our problem is in the restaurant. I don’t have new solution for tomorrow, so I suspect we’ll have the same problems. I am really sorry, I’ll get it figured out, but not before the next meeting.
      Thanks for the feedback.

    • Sometimes! 🙂

      Hi Betty,
      We are a local club of tech enthusiasts. We encourage each other and help whenever possible. We are self-directed, unorganized, and very informal. We talk a lot about TV streaming in Mexico (i.e., VPNs and DNS proxies), local ISP issues, trouble-shooting hardware/software, and tech news. Everyone is welcome with their questions. We stream online both audio and YouTube, as well as, provide a audio podcast you can subscribe to by searching for “The San Carlos Computer Club” in your podcast app.
      Thank you for leaving a comment.
      Scott, headNerd
      at International Computer Solutions (

      – I am a computer consultant. My business gets called for issues that are more complicated then your typical, normal, everyday issues. Also, my business helps people with setups of equipment, software, and work-flows, as well as, purchasing decisions and infrastructure installations.

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