YouTube Live stream of Our Last Meeting (until Oct) of the San Carlos Computer Club!

Hola Todos,

That title is no lie! After today’s meeting we are on hiatus until we return in October.  It’s been a wonderful season full of fun and laughs. You guys are amazing. I always look forward to our club meetings. You guys keep me motivated. You all are always learning more and continue to help each other. As we should all be.

As always our meeting will start at 9:15 am this morning hosted at Tequilas. Everyone is welcome to join us, however if you cant, but wish to participate, then I will be attempting to stream our conversation live on an audio feed, as well as, a YouTube. If you can join us in real-time (RT), then things are typically recorded and published as YouTube videos, as well as a podcast, just search iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite pod-catcher for the term ‘The San Carlos Computer Club’.

Thank you to everyone and #techOn!

To listen to our audio live stream click: [here].

To watch our Youtube video live stream click:, or click on the embedded video below:

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