We’re Back! “What do You Like About The San Carlos Computer Club?”

Calling All Clubbers!

The San Carlos Computer Club

Resuming Regular Weekly Meetings

First Meeting

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

It’s been an awesome summer. I’ve been on a bit of a tech vacation and, at the moment, many of you maybe more informed than myself. However, like you, I am ready to get back into this stuff. I am excited to hear, discuss, and learn from the new topics you have to bring to our table.

I want to thank our members for their glowing endorsements of our club, and also of me and my abilities. I really appreciate your interest in all that I do. I hope to continue to bring you interesting topics, useful support tips, and patient understand of the nuances we are all experiencing while living in this WORLD OF TECH.



“Thank You!”, for all you bring to our club.
– Scott Stimson, neadNerd from International Computer Solutions & The San Carlos Computer Club


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