Club Day! I will be There! Check it out at 9:15 Either at Tequilas or Online with Our YouTube Live Stream!

Calling all Clubbers!

Reports that I will not able attend today’s meeting were greatly exaggerated (by me.) Turns out my errand was postponed and I will be joining you all this morning in Tequilas for our regular meeting As such I will be running the live audio stream and the YouTube video stream.

It would be awesome if you all could join us at Tequilas, but sometime that just isn’t possible. If this is your case then you can join us in spirit online by following our streams in real-time, or come back later, when I have posted the clubCast (as a podcast) or see our video posted in YouTube.

Can’t wait to see you all again, this morning, for The San Carlos Computer Club!

#TechOn! and CUthere!

Listen to our Live Audio Stream [here].

Watch Live on YouTube at:, or you can watch from this embedded video:

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