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video Club Meeting January 30, 2018 YouTube is Back (or it should be)

Calling all Clubbers!

My computer (a.k.a, our studio) is back. That means that we should have a YouTube live stream (embedded bellow) running for those of you who wish to attend, but cannot make the meeting at Tequilas today at 9:15. If this stuff doesn’t work, then remember we will also be running a audio stream you can find [here]. If either of these options are available, then, I am sorry, you’ll just need to wait for me to publish the audio to our podcast (a.k.a. the ClubCast) later today, as well as, I’ll try to publish the video to youtube.

I hope everyone has an Awesome day. I’ll CUthere, and #TechOn!



Listen to audio stream you can find [here].

Watch Youtube live stream at: https://youtu.be/O2Y7EtgkKEU, or on the embedded video bellow:


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