Computer Club is Always Very Eclectic – That’s what makes it Awesome!! 09:15 ~ Today ~ Tequilas CUthere!

Eclectic Example: The Fairlight CMI (short for Computer Musical Instrument) is a digital synthesizer, sampler and digital audio workstation introduced in 1979 by the founders of Fairlight.

Computer Club is Always Very Eclectic- That’s what makes it Awesome!!

Hola Clubbers,

The picture to your right has nothing to do with today. Nothing other then being a perfect visual example of the merging of ideas that originates from all walks of life (a.k.a., ‘eclectic design’). Eclectic Design, I term I may have just invented to describe the variety of ideas, coming from all different backgrounds, and converging every Tuesday (9:15 at Tequilas) to be shared and learned. It’s the eclectic-ness (another term I may have just made-up) of our members that make our club so interesting and valuable. With them it’s just me talking to the air.

So, when you’re wondering whether you’re going to today’s club meeting, just remember…It’s Better With You!

and if you can’t make, then know that you can always tune-in to listen live (if the audio stream is working), watch on YouTube (if my studio every gets back from the shop), or pick as a podcast from iTunes, Google Play, or on our blog (if I remember to press publish button.) Side-note: Last week’s meeting is finally on the feed.

Well, that’s my piece. You guys have a great morning! Make it Awesome!

#TechOn! and CUthere


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