February 9, 2016 :16: Breakfast in Club

Hey, Hey Clubbers,

How’s this for fast!

Actually, I’ve gotta get it out now or it may end up sitting until next week (again, yikes!)

It was a huge meeting! We had our regular long table full + another three individual tables, full of people.

Here’s an idea: We may have enough people to spin-off into specific user groups (i.e., an iPhone group, a Windows10, a Netflix group, etc.)

Well, anyway, we covered a lot (even though I was eating breakfast.)

Here’s some of the stuff we talked about:

 More on Claro-video.

 More on Backups.

 Paul’s Automatic Autolink.

 Self driving cars.

 Paul’s TV sound problem.

…and a whole lot more.

You’ll have to listen to the meeting. If you do, please leave comments. It will help us to provide better content.

Thanks, and Tech On!
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