December 23 Club Meeting Hosted by Linda G, but no recording

Yes Clubbers,

That’s right. There will be a meeting tomorrow, but I wont be attending since I am off vacationing with my family for the holidays.

Dec 23 Linda was be our guest host. She had the following topics planed:

  • Attaching your PC to your TV
  • Streaming TV and Movies, and Torrents on your PC and watching on your TV

Linda has lots of experience in these topics and this will be a great (I wish I could have been there.) Unfortunately, without me means you had to attend. There was no live audio stream, nor a recording of the meeting. So the only way to benefit from Linda’s knowledge was to attend the meeting, or continue to attend the club meetings where often Linda is available.

I wish everyone a happy holiday, and can’t wait to be back on December 30th for the following meeting.

Thanks for all your interest.

Tech On!

Scott, headNerd at

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