December 16 Clubcast is Now Available: 11th Meeting: A Little Twitter, A Little Network Solutions, A Lot of Roku and some Credit/ATM card experiences

Happy Holidays To all our Clubbers!

Our last meeting was a favorite, and  great way going away for me. We had about 21 clubbers, and a lot of talk about Roku. Also, I updated folks about Network Solutions finally reversing the credit card charge without me having to anymore work. Yay! Mike shared his daughter’s car rental resolutions attributed to twitter and the Global Conversation. Another Yay! for twitter; keeping businesses honest.

I must apologize for how late this recording is. I’ve gone off on holiday with my family, and have only now had the time to get this on the internet. Also, I won’t be at the next meeting. Lucky, Linda has volunteered to be our guest host in my stead, and she’s got some good topics in mind. If you are still in San Carlos, then,YES!,  we do have a meeting on December 23.


I wish everyone, their friends and their family, a great holiday. I should be back on the 30th. Until then, Tech On!

Scott, headNerd at


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