January 6, 2015 :12: First Meeting of 2015! A lot of people and a long meeting with lots of stuff. Xbox, twitter, Roku, VPNs, SmartTVs, and lots more.

Hey Clubbers,
that was a lot of fun. We had a large group of familiar faces, as well as some new folks. The meeting ran long (Almost two hours.) We covered all kinds of stuff including: Xbox, Xbox Kinect, SmartTVs and digital Rights licensing across services and devices, we talked about twitter and the global conversation, as well as, VPNs services and their equipment. Lots of stuff, stuff, stuff.

I suspect everyone was at the last meeting, but if you missed it, then you can listen to the recording from the player bellow.

I had a great time and hope you guys will come back next Tuesday.
Thanks, and Tech On!
Scott, headNerd for International Computer Solutions (internationalcs.net)

p.s. – You do not want to miss our next meeting! In our community, Big Don is an expert on how to protect your home from electrical faults. He has sold and installed many systems that protect a house from the electrical spikes and surges experienced from typical life in Mexico. Don is our special guest next Tuesday. He will give us a presentation on the kinds of equipment and services he has to ofter. He will allow time for questions and answers so bring your questions. We are very fortunate to have Don join us to share his insights next week, and I hope you all can attend.

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