Next Computer Club Meeting is Today, Feb. 11, 2014, 9:15am at Tequila’s in San Carlos

Just a quick reminder that today is ‘Club’ day!

Hope to see you guys at Tequila’s at 9:15am. A lot of people tend to show up at 8:30-8:45am and have breakfast before the meeting. Many of our members would say that Tequila’s does a great breakfast in the first place, but the bonus of talking tech topics, in a computer club meeting afterwards, pushes it over the edge.

DETAILS: Everyone is welcome. Tequila’s has WiFi so you can connect your equipment to internet. Bring your questions,  passions, interests, and doubts. We have no set agenda. However, if you hate technology, then you maybe at the wrong meeting.

Stay Strong and Tech On!

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