Club Meeting Notifications Update.

Today is the day! I’ll SEE YOU GUYS AT TEQUILAS!

email alerts: I heard from Linda, and it looks like she wont be back for another two weeks. We may see her on the 18th. That’s probably the reason we haven’t gotten our regular email reminder.  This isn’t a real problem. At this point,  I hope that people who want regular reminders will follow our Facebook page , or our twitter feed. Both sources are updated when the blog gets updated (for example, when the live stream starts, or when the recorded meetings  are available, or any other additions topics are posted.) I try to always post a remind before our meeting (however, sometimes it is only a couple of hours before.)

facebook: (also your can search facebook for our discussion group: San Carlos Computer Club.)
Twitter:  @sccClub :

Please bring your topics, questions, and be ready to help and be helped.

Come ask questions, get help, and drink coffee.


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