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March 02, 2021 :23: Fake Tom Cruise : Quarantine #52

We Welcome All Tech Enthusiasts


This meeting is dedicated to our friend and member Robin Barbara Jansen. We are all saddened to hear of her passing. All of us enjoyed her company, her wit, her strength, and her smile. Robin was an active member of our group for many years in the before times (When we had in-person meetings at Tequila’s.)  Over the last year we missed her at our virtual meeting. Occasionally, members and would share Robin “sightings” and Robin stories, and we reveled in the knowledge that, even though she wasn’t participating in our online meetings, that she was happy, doing her own things in “the wild.”




From your friendly neighborhood tech guy Scott Stimson, head-Nerd
at International Computer Solutions and The San Carlos Computer Club



Remote Computer and I.T. Help: remote@internationalcs.net

Today’s meeting covered the following topics:

Recommendations, TV:

Recommendations, Podcast:

Recommendations, Facebook video:


Episode Art Jigsaw Puzzle: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=247590cddb4d

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Our YouTube Meeting: https://youtu.be/dzFCADp4HoE

The Impromptu Intro:  The “Vivi One Minute Breakfast Recess” intro provided by Viviana, and myself right before Vivi’s Science begins. Apologies for the audio quality. I did the best I could. Only available on the podcast.
~ listen if you dare ~

Reoccurring Themes

We have returned to Tuesday meetings at a new start time of 10:00am. We will continue our virtual format with online meetings in Google Meet for the foreseeable future.

Currently, we are using the Google Meet code: [rgb-rrgc-gqp] for our weekly meeting. This code will probably be the same for next meeting. Check our blog sccClub.org for notifications when in doubt.

The Google Meet is scheduled on Google Calendar. If you want to be on that calendar invitation, then provide me your Google account id. Also, provide me with your email address, or follow the appropriate accounts to see a reminder sent out by email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress on the day of our meeting.

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This podcast is related to a blog post found at: https://www.sccclub.org/podcast/march-02-2021-23-fake-tom-cruise-quarantine-52.

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