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December 22, 2020 :13: Our Christmas Club Meeting : Quarantine #42

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays
Thank You for joining us for
our Christmas Club Meeting!

This has been a tough year; People unable to join us San Carlos; Our Local economies hard hit by the changes and restrictions brought on by the COVID19 crisis; Finding out that one of our own was taken early then expected (diagnosed with COVID.) Through all of this, these meetings have been a stable point in my world. It fills me with joy each time we meet. I am happy to be part of the community we’ve created, and I considered you all good friends. I am looking forward to us continuing into the future; starting with next week’s meeting on December 29 at 10am!

Have a joyful holiday and #techOn!

Our Club Christmas Picture
Our Club Christmas Picture


From your friendly neighborhood tech guy,
Scott Stimson, head-Nerd at International Computer Solutions (internationalcs.net)

Contact Scott for Remote Help : remote@internationalcs.net

Today’s meeting covered the following topic:

Recommendations, TV:

Recommendations, Movies: 

Recommendations, Books:

  • Pillar to the Sky, William R. ForstchenPandemic drought, skyrocketing oil prices, dwindling energy supplies and wars of water scarcity threaten the planet. Only four people can prevent global chaos. Gary Morgan—a brilliant, renegade scientist is pilloried by the scientific community for his belief in a space elevator: a pillar to the sky, which he believes will make space flight fast, simple and affordable…from GoodReads.

Episode Art Jigsaw Puzzle:

Our YouTube Meeting: https://youtu.be/yDqT9hUTOPI.

The Impromptu intro:  A Christmas Greeting from the whole Stimson Marquez family. Only available on the podcast.

Reoccurring Themes

We have returned to Tuesday meetings at a new start time of 10:00am. We will continue our virtual format with online meetings in Google Meet for the foreseeable future.

Currently, we are using the Google Meet code: [rgb-rrgc-gqp] for our weekly meeting. This code will probably be the same for next meeting. Check our blog sccClub.org for notifications when in doubt.

The Google Meet is scheduled on Google Calendar. If you want to be on that calendar invitation, then provide me your Google account id. Also, provide me with your email address, or follow the appropriate accounts to see a reminder sent out by email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress on the day of our meeting.

A CHALLENGE: Can you design a phrase or dialog to trigger and execute a smart speaker commands, while masquerading as conversation? #speakerhacker – Any command execution counts, for example: play a song, get the weather, turn on/off a light. The goal is to covertly execute the command with conversation. We’ll play with our speakers and check back in next week. (see article: Uncovered: 1,000 phrases that incorrectly trigger Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.)

Special thanks to all of you that have been helping in my endeavors. The things I am doing would not be possible without your support.

Remember, you can always show your support by taking a moment to go on YouTube and iTunes to review, like, and subscribe. When you give our efforts greater exposure it is appreciated as a contribution. Thank you for all your support.

I am always looking forward to our next meeting. Feel free to ‘prep me’ ahead of time with any topics you would enjoy discussing.

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