a new microphone and faster Internet! Can’t Wait for Saturday

Oh Man! I am excited about this Saturday’s meeting.

I’ve been making some upgrades to the home studio/office/batcave and I cant wait to use them. I’ve bought a new condenser microphone to use for our meetings, and audio recordings, that I’m doing for the podcast. I’ve also set up with Juan’s Xpro service to get much faster Internet.

I got the antenna and the results are pretty good. Right now I’m getting very fast downloads. Sometimes 6 to 10 times faster than what Telmex is giving me. I’m very happy with the upload speed (since that’s really what dictates how well our meeting goes out.) Juan’s connection is symmetric so it’s got as much UP as it’s got DOWN. That’s awesome so long as you’re antenna is giving you a good connection. 100s of megabytes! It’s amazing!

I am currently excepting topics, for the next great computer club meeting. I’ve got a couple of topics on the board I thought I would list now in case some of you would like to do some preliminary reading. Those topics are here:

Also, I am sure Linda Gerber’s gonna wanna talk about her new Eero Wi-Fi mesh network, and Maggie sent me some new information on IP vanished; so that might be part of our discussion as well.

You guys have an awesome next couple of days, and I’ll see you Saturday at 9 AM here for our virtual quarantine meeting of the San Carlos Computer Club.



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