I’m ending the live audio stream – sad

For many years I have maintained a live audio stream people to connect to our club meetings and listen in real time. Because of the way technology is in this world it’s turned out that it is easier for me to stream to YouTube, then it is for me to keep my little audio stream going.

The interest in the live audio stream has never been high enough to justify the technical challenges.

From this point on I will not run the live audio stream. We will continue doing the live YouTube stream as we continue to hold our virtual meetings in Google Meet. If I feel like messing with it in the future who knows, maybe I will bring it back.

Let me know how you feel about it.



    • You are always welcome to joins us. Wanna talk tech with a bunch of ex-pats living in Mexico? I am sure they’d love your Aussie perspective.

      Hope your birthday rocked!
      L8rs buddy

      Check us out on youtube: youtube.sccclub.org.

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