Who’s interested in a Live Virtual Club Meeting with Google Hangouts and YouTube? I think we’re doing it!

Hey Clubbers,

I’m gonna do my best to host a Google hangout meeting and stream it on Youtube. People who are interested in participating in the discussion need to find their Hangouts app and join our meeting. If you just wanna watch, then you can tune in go to our YouTube channel, but to have a real discussion I do need a few volunteers to be in the hangout meeting.

I’ve done my best to try and identify all club members that have hangout accounts and automatically invite them to the meeting. However, I can’t find everyone. If you have a Google Hangouts account or a Google account you are welcome to join our hangout meeting, but I need to know you’re out there.

So, I hope this works. I am not sure how deep of a meeting we will be able to have. We might end up just figuring out how to get all this working, but if It does, then it maybe our model moving forward over the next few weeks.

I am excited to have found a potential solution to our self-isolated condition that should allow our computer club meetings to move forward. I hope you choose to participate in this experiment.


Scott Stimson, head Nerd/Guru from International Computer Solutions

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