There will be No Next Meeting, blame COVID-19

Computer Club Meetings will be canceled Until further notice.

Well, I guess it’s my turn.
In the interest of the safety of our community, I will be postponing the computer club meetings Indefinitely. I’m not sure how long this will last. I definitely will plan on picking up computer club meetings at the beginning of our next season starting in October. However, In the interest of Public Safety we will no longer be holding meetings.

Possibly, I will do a broadcast tomorrow. Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to explore the idea of a broadcast by myself, but it may happen. If any members are interested in a ‘virtual meeting’, using something like Skype or hangouts, then let me know that you’d like to participate.

Truthfully, I’ve been battling with this decision all day. Today, in the morning, the CDC was saying, gatherings no larger than 50 people. I thought, “well…we’re good.” Then, in the early afternoon, the US president said gatherings no larger than 10 people. Oh okay then. I’m proud to say, the computer Club is easily more than 10 people and…maybe we shouldn’t screw around.

Is this a real risk? How soon do we need to prepare? Are we overreacting? Every time I answer one of these questions, with genuine information, I realize that we need to decide, as a community, to follow the goal, and do whatever it takes to limit the community spread of this virus.

I don’t have any idea when this will be over, and we’re all making decisions day by day. Right now, today, at 3 p.m., I believe this is the best decision. Until we have an “all-clear,” we want to follow the best practices and minimize the amount of exposure which will slow down the pathogen and give our Medical Systems a chance to treat the sick without it being an emergency.

San Carlos is my home and you are my community, I would be ashamed if I put you at any extra risk.

I’ll see you online and I’ll see you when we are all on the other side of this epidemic.
Everyone, take care of yourselves.

– scott stimson, guest host of The San Carlos Computer Club and head Nerd/Guru at

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