Don’t forget Computer Club. Live Streaming on YouTube! Broadcasting from Tequilas at 9:15

Hi everybody,

Last week was an exceptional meeting with presentation by Monica Cruz on solar power. I highly recommend anyone interested in these topics to check out last week’s meeting it’s either a YouTube video or listen to the audio podcast.

Today we will be doing our normal thing; answering questions and covering topics. You can watch us in action starting at 9:15 at Tequilas.

If you can’t join us at Tequila’s, then you can always listen to our live audio stream, or watch the live YouTube stream.

Also if you can’t join us in real time, then I’ll have it recorded both on YouTube and as a podcast that you can download from your podcasts provider. Just search for ‘the San Carlos Computer Club’ on iTunes or Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to our live audio: [here]

Watch our live video stream at:

Or click the embedded live stream video below:

I’ll see you guys there and #TechOn!


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