Happy New Year! Club is Back! First Meeting is Today at Tequilas at 9:15am – Sorry no YouTube

“Club is Back!”, yells Scott with excitement, but then he frowns and adds, “…but no YouTube”.


Hello Everybody,

I hope you all had a good holiday and a happy New Year. I am excited to get back to it with you guys. We’ll be at Tequilas starting at 9:15 and everybody is welcome. Boy! Do we have some topics!

Maybe, you head about the “flaming HP laptops”, or “Apple Slowing down you phone”, or the “Meltdown” of Internet. …What? WOW! it’s true..We’re nine days into this new year with more tech drama then you’ve ever imagined.

Well, I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, then you can try listen to our live audio stream [here]. I say try, because I will be bring my old netbook. The “studio” is in the shop for repair and may not be with us for the next couple of meetings. I’ll do my best to provide an audio stream, and a podcast recording, but YouTube is gone for now.

Thanks for all your interest, and I’ll see you at club at 9:15.



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