(Belated) Happy New Year – You have to attend our next meeting

(Belated) Happy New Year from all of us at the San Carlos Computer Club! Now. You have to attend our next meeting.

Our first meeting of 2018 will be on Tuesday, January 9, at Tequilas starting at 9:15am and I encourage you to attend, since there is a good chance I will not be streaming. My ‘studio’ laptop is at its manufacturer getting the battery replaced under warranty. That means, No youTube live stream until it returns. I will be carrying my old netbook that was once used for recording our podcast. The netbook has been refreshed, but I am still setting it up for business. Hopefully, by Tuesday I’ll be ready to do an audio stream and a clubCast recording for our podcast, but I am not making any promises.

Well, I can’t wait to see you guys. I am really interested in what kinds of new toys you got over the holiday, and what kinds of issues you ran into while celebrating with your families.

Hope everyone is good.




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