March 22, 2016 :22: Semana Santa 2016 and You’re all Here?

Auughh….Good Morinign? Clubbers?

YES! it’s a week LATE! AGAIN!

But this time I have an excuse….WHAT A WEEK! People everywhere! Kids on vacation! Yes! I was dancing in the streets! YES! Parties every night (not really, I have kids on vacation…and THEY ARE STILL on vacation!) Regardless, of my San Carlos Semana Santa, I am ready now; Today; This morning; To attend today’s meeting, and publish this recording from last week. and so here we go!

Last week we talked a little about:

  • Double Internet Speed? Sorry dude, I don’t think so.
  • Whatsapp. Encrypting your chat data since 2014. Now encrypting voice calls.
  • A little on the recent Apple event.
  • Using Siri to calculate a tip.
  • Does Closing Apps Save Battery or Resources of your Mobile Devices? Challange: A week of not shutting down apps. (I am coming to today’s meeting with results.)

Of course, that list doesn’t cover everything.If you really want to be caught-up, then stop and listen to this Clubcast.

I’ll see you today. Fresh and Ready for another San Carlos Computer Club Meeting.

Thanks, and Tech On!
Scott, headNerd at International Computer Solutions (

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