March 15, 2016 :21: What About the Dancing Girls?

Hello Clubbers!

Another late one. Getting it out on the day of our next meeting. It’s a thing; a theme. Hey! and It’s Semana Santa in our little town. This is when all the ragers come for their vacation at the beach. We’ll be full up. Driving will be impossible, and a lot of you have left to get out of here before it begins. Regardless, we will still have a club meeting today.

But this isn’t about today, it’s about last week, and what we talked about in that meeting. So here are some of the things we covered:

  •  More Netflix crack-downs.
  •  My Return.
  •  What do we do digitally in-case of death.
  •  Using a Browser for Inline Translation of
  •  Backups and FileHistory in Windows 10.

Well, that can’t possibly be all of it, but that gives you some idea. You’re going to have listen to the meeting to get the rest. Enjoy.

Thanks, and Tech On!
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