October 20, 2015 :03:Sometimes it All Falls Apart for Scott

Hi Clubbers,
Our topics covered:

  • Dolores’ Tablet and Laptop for sale
  • Windows 10/8.1/8 App Recommendation: Network Speed Test
  • Hacking Siri and Google Now
  • Listening to your audio searches.


sorry this is out so late, but it has been a long week. It started on Tuesday at the club meeting where I went to demo an App I was recommending and lost control of my whole system. Turns out, along with recording the podcast, broadcasting the network audio stream, working my wunderlist, and surfing web pages…Windows 10 decided to install an unplanned update. So, my recording went down, and I went nuts! Too bad I don’t have a backup. You don’t get to hear what I went through. You do get to hear about the first 20mins, and then the last 34mins. The bits in between have been lost forever. Truthfully, if you listen, the cut doesn’t drop a beat, and since we’re a fairly unorganized group, it sound like I just “slid” into a new topic.

Anyway, it’s still good info.

See you guys tomorrow.

Tech On!


p.s. – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yuya! Te amo!


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