Your Friendly neighborhood Computer Club Meets today at Tequila’s starting at 9:15

Hi Clubbers!

it’s that day of the week again. We had a fun meeting last week, but we didn’t get “in-depth” on anything. I have a feeling we’ll be re-addressing many of the same topics. For example, we’ll probably talk about: The new iPhones, The new iPhone contracts, Microsofts Surface Pro 4, The Microsoft SurfaceBook, El Capitan (OSX 10.11), Windows 10, and windows 10, and Windows 10….oh and maybe more on the Microsoft phones….maybe…

Everyone is welcome to join us. People like to arrive early (around 8:30) and have breakfast before the meeting (Tequila’s has great food and nice people). Come for breakfast and stay for the meeting. Feed your stomach and your brain.

I’ll see you then.

Tech On!

Scott, headNerd at International Computer Solutions

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