October 6, 2015 :01:First Meeting, and I am a Microsoft Fan!

We had a fun group today.

For the first meeting of the season I thought it was pretty good….I hope no one was disappointed that  I was dominating the topics…it’s just THAT THERE WAS SOME MUCH THAT JUST HAPPENED!! We talked a little bit on a lot of stuff. We’ll have to get back to many of the topics we covered. Some of these topics were: Windows 10, Today’s Microsoft Event, the new Google ChromeCast, the new Roku, Amazon’s blocking of sales of ChromeCast and AppleTV, the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the new Lumia phones, Continuum, etc., etc… so much stuff. Also, IOS9, OSX el Capitan….I’ll have to listen to the podcast to list everything here that we covered.

You can listen too; from the link below, or you can subscribe to our podcast feed in the iTunes store (search: The San Carlos Computer Club.)

I had a lot of fun. Can’t wait till next Tuesday!

Tech On!


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