Are You Being Bugged? ~Amnesty International and the EFF backs a Tool to Scan your PC for Surveillance Software

Just because youre paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you” ― Joseph Heller, author Catch-22.

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I just caught up with this news. A security researcher has developed a software (named “Detekt”) that detects know surveillance software that may have found it way on your computer. This software is being endorsed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Amnesty International, and other  international digital rights and human rights organizations. It has been made freely available for download from a GitHub repository you can find at this link:

Download Detekt from:


I have already downloaded and tested this. It very easy to run. Just download, then click  (or double-click). No installation is needed it runs in place. Detekt can only find software it knows about, similar to an antivirus program, but in this case it’s looking for know software that state (and private) organizations use for listening to your computer’s microphone, and watch your computer’s webcam, grab copies of your email, as well as, your instant messenger conversations, and more. The software is only compatible with Windows XP – Windows7. I imagine soon we will see a Windows 8/8.1 version, as well as, a Macintosh version.

Follow the link bellow to read more in the Guardian’s article.

from the Guardian’s article…

“Detekt was developed by Germany-based security researcher Claudio Guarnieri after discussions with human rights activists. It will be launched on Thursday in partnership with Amnesty International, British charity Privacy International, German civil rights group Digitale Gesellschaft and US digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation.”…

via Amnesty backs Detekt tool to scan for state spyware on computers | World news | The Guardian.

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