November 18 Clubcast now Available: Seventh meeting: Showed off the latest Arduino project, Some Home automation topics, VPNs again and ALWAYS, and lots of other stuff

Hi Clubbers,

Took me a little longer then normal to get this one out. The meeting was good fun. I am always surprised by what great discussions we can have without having any kind of plan or agenda for the meeting.

Again, thanks for the patience with my Arduino obsession. I think enough people are interested that I will continue to bring in new projects for show and tell. We won’t be using a lot of time on Arduino, but I will keep you up to date on my progress, and we will continue discussing home automation/Smart home concepts in our meetings.


Please come to our website and give use comments/feedback.

You can find us in the iTunes Store (search: The San Carlos Computer Club.)


See you guys on Tuesday.

Tech On!

Scott Stimson, headNerd-Guru at

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