Next Club Meeting is Today (Jan 14, 2014.) Check in at 9:15am to hear the live stream

Hi everybody,

It’s that day of the week again. Last week we had some good discussion about windows 8, and 8.1 upgrade. Today I’ll bring a little more Windows 8.1 upgrade experience to hopefully help you guys have a better experience in the future.

If you cannot join us at Tequila’s, then join us virtually by listening in real-time to our live stream that will be available around 9:15 from If you can’t listen at 9:15, then you can always come back later in the week and listen to the recording that I will make available as a podcast on the website and in the iTunes Store (search: San Carlos Computer Club.)

Thanks to everybody, and I’ll see you at 9:15 at Tequila’s.


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