Listen to our Last Meeting! Podcast from Jan. 7th meeting is now available. A Lenovo Yoga 13, and a lot of Windows 8/8.1.

Hi everybody,

Sorry that I am  a little behind this week. I had a lot of fun at our last meeting. I hope everyone found it useful. David’s Lenovo Yoga 13 was a very interesting laptop to show off. The laptop, with it’s 13 inch display, made it possible for us to show off some of the feature of Windows. We talked about why, how, and who should do the Windows 8.1 update (spoiler; most should, but head advice of your computer’s Manufacture.)

Well, if you weren’t there, and couldn’t tune-in with us on our live stream, then check out the recording I’ve provided bellow. This recording is also available as a podcast, for subscription, through the iTunes store (search: San Carlos Computer Club.)


Please comment bellow, and thanks for listening.


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