October 7 Club Podcast Now Available: First meeting of our new season: DirecTV, HD vs 4k vs 8k, Netflix, and Bandwidth Caps

We had a good group. Started as six people then grew to seven. We spent some time on DirectTv, HD, and 4K. I shared my knowledge of bandwidth caps,  and what are their effects. The bandwidth caps is an issue that hasn’t arrived in San Carlos, but it is becoming more common in the USA. I shared some of my own personal experience with bandwidth caps using GCI cable in Anchorage.

We started a little early, and ended a little early. It was great to see everybody, and I can’t wait till next week. If you missed the meeting, and still would like to hear a conversation, then check out the link below, or look for us in iTunes (search ‘San Carlos Computer Club’) and subscribe to our podcast feed.


Scott, director/owner of International Computer Solutions (internationalcs.net)


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