May 02, 2020 :31: Adding to the Mosaic : This is the Self-Isolated Quarantined Meeting #8

Hello to all still self-isolating in a quarantined area of the Internet. Thank you for showing up for our weekly computer club meeting. We had a good size group of people show up virtually. A lot of discussion in topics that includes the following:

The meeting was a lot of fun, and everything looked like it worked, but afterwards I found I didn’t have good audio. It’s cutting out and my voice is slow/deep. I am not sure why.  I have released this backup audio. It’s not the greatest quality, but better then what went out on Youtube. Please send me any advice you thin may help to resolve the problem. My setup is OBS, BUTT, and Skype concurrently.

If you missed our meeting in real-time, then you can always listen to this podcast.

I hope you all enjoy this audio recording. Also, you can watch the YouTube video at:

I’ll talk to you next week!

Everyone take care and #techOn!

Scott, headNerd
at International Computer Solutions (

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