February 05, 2019 :16: It’s NOT Kodi! it’s MS STORE + developers error

Hello All,

So sorry this has taken so long to get out on the feed. Sid’s in town visiting and I’ve had some work going o, so everything’s ok, I am just behind schedule. Here are some the topics we coverd in last Tuesday’s meeting:

  • Vivi’s Club Topic: GoogleFeud.comcan you guess what the internet is searching for?
  • Sid’s Kodi Experience (no wait it’s a store problem…no wait maybe it’s a developer problem.) Anyway, there is a fix for the Kodi problem.
  • Windows 7 had less than a year to live!

If you missed our meeting in real-time, then you can always listen to this podcast.

I hope you all enjoy this audio recording. Also, you can watch the YouTube video at: https://youtu.be/73gvqIK-a0w

I’ll talk to you next week!

Everyone take care and #techOn!

Scott, headNerd
at International Computer Solutions (internationalcs.net)

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