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April 27, 2021 :31: Mom’s All Shook Up : Quarantine #60

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We Welcome All Tech Enthusiasts

Some of the Topics from today:

Remote Computer and I.T. Help: remote@internationalcs.net

Recommendations, TV:

Recommendations, Movies:

  • Nomadland (Highwayman Films, Hear/Say Productions, Cor Cordium Productions)In 2011, Fern loses her job after the US Gypsum plant in Empire, Nevada, shuts down; she worked there for years along with her husband, who has recently died. Fern decides to sell most of her belongings and purchases a van to live in and travel the country searching for work. She takes a seasonal job at an Amazon fulfillment center through the winter…from Wikipedia.
  • Sound of Metal (Caviar, Ward Four, Flat 7 Productions)Ruben is a drummer and one half of the metal duo Blackgammon, along with the singer and his girlfriend, Lou. They live in an RV while driving across the United States to perform gigs. When Ruben begins to lose his hearing, he goes to a pharmacy seeking a diagnosis. The pharmacist refers him to a doctor, who performs a hearing test and finds that Ruben can only make out 20–30 percent of words he hears and his hearing will deteriorate rapidly; moreover, although cochlear implants may benefit him, their high cost is not covered by insurance…from Wikipedia.
  • The FatherAnne (Colman) visits her father Anthony (Hopkins) in his flat after he becomes belligerent with his recent caretaker. He has dementia and constantly forgets important life events and where things are around his flat, including his watch, despite the fact that he places it in the same place every day. He tells Anne he thought his recent caretaker stole his watch and that he will never move out of his flat…from Wikipedia.

Recommendations, Books:

  • The Last Town on Earth by Thomas MullenSet against the backdrop of one of the most virulent epidemics that America ever experienced-the 1918 flu epidemic-Thomas Mullen’s powerful, sweeping first novel is a tale of morality in a time of upheaval…from Goodreads.

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The Impromptu “favorite color” intro was provided mostly by Viviana and her friend Avery, as well as, myself.
Only available on the podcast.
~ listen if you dare ~

Reoccurring Themes

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All this, from your friendly neighborhood tech guy Scott Stimson, the head-Nerd
at International Computer Solutions and The San Carlos Computer Club.

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