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(Virtual) Meeting #25 March 21, 2023 : Beginning at 10am (UTC-07:00) : Virtual Meeting #158

Streaming Live Video from all over the Internet

We are using the Meet code: [rgb-rrgc-gap] for weekly meetings. If we need more time, then we will use the Meet code: [yah-jtzj-pox].

Scott is not able to be at this in-person meeting, but he maybe online in the virtual meeting. Cheryl will be the host of this meeting.
She and Bill will be in Tequilas at 10am taking full advantage of their fast internet connection.
You are welcome to join them.

Happy Birthday Jim!

The 25th Meeting of the 2022-2023 Club season schedule.

Please Join Us
We Welcome All Tech Enthusiasts

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1. [https://meet.google.com/rgb-rrgc-gqp]
2. [https://meet.google.com/yah-jtzj-pox]

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Please forward this to anyone who would want to join us today.

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