New Recommended Movies and Shows List Hosted on Trakt.TV

Hello Clubbers,

Each week, in our club meetings (and on our blog,) we have been keeping track of recommended movies and shows. I want a system to collect and organize them in aggregate, and though is not the best solution it is a solution that we are using for now. I have and will continue to add these to the weekly meeting blog posts so you can find them on each day. 

Last week, I gave you a link to my Trakt account’s list of our recommendations. In hindsight, I found that approach limiting. So now I have created a track account specifically for the San Carlos Computer Club with a recommended movies and shows list that you can find at the following address (up to date as of last week.)

or,, and

You do not need a Trakt account to use this list. Use this link to review our recommendations from the meetings. Bookmark (favorite) the link so you can return to the list at your leisure. I hope you all find this helpful.

Also, I am looking for a similar approach for tracking podcasts, audio books, and books. Feel free to recommend any services (apps, websites, etc.) for the task.


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