A Kodi Primer before Tomorrow’s Club, “A look at Kodi”

Hey guys,

Tomorrow’s club meeting will be a presentation on the installation of the Kodi media player, and the installation and use of an add-on.

Here is a little primer on Kodi:

Kodi is an extendable media player (i.e., an application to watch TV, movies, and listen to music and podcasts) that installs on Android, Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and even iOS* (*must be jail broken.) The extendable nature of this media player means that you can add more functionality to it by the installation of “add-ons.” Add-ons will enhance the way you use the Kodi media player.

You can think of Kodi as a metaphoric “operating system,” with the add-ons being the “Apps” that you install. Each add-on servers a certain purpose around the media player experience.

Add-ons have the potential of being a variety of functions you can use with the media player. Some of these functions include things like:

  • Searching and retrieving media content from the internet.
  • Displaying and cataloging your locally stored media collections.
  • Sharing content with other devices on your network.
  • Beautifying your media player’s appearance with skins and themes.
  • and much more.

Tomorrow we will focus only on:

  1. Getting Kodi up and running
  2. Setting up one “Add-on” to use for a specific task.

There is a similar nature to the steps of setting up any particular “Add-on”, and by the end of club tomorrow you will have the basics to find, setup, and use any particular add-on that you desire.


  1. We will be using Kodi 19 (the latest version, supports python3.)
  2. We will behave like a new installation (i.e., if you’re already using Kodi, then this is not the instructions for you.)
  3. We will focus on one plug and discussions. If time allows we may try other plugs.
  4. We will begin at 9:30am. We will start the demo at 10am, but we’ll be talking about Kodi and what we will be doing in the pre-meeting time starting around 9:30 so I encourage you to be there.
  5. We will NOT be addressing Jail-Breaking iOS devices.

I look forward to talking with all tomorrow.

Until then, #techOn!



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