Watch Party tomorrow (Monday) at 10AM for Apple’s WWDC2020 Keynote Event

Hello everyone out there still self-isolated from coronavirus constrain,

Are you interested in Apple technologies and their announcements?

Tomorrow, Apple will, for the first time ever, host a virtual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference.) Because of the coronavirus, this will be the first time that Apple will bring together its developers, the press, and their company to release announcements of up and coming new and advanced technologies in an online virtual conference.

I am inviting you to watch the keynote event with me and us (aka, The San Carlos Computer Club.)


Typically, I watch these keynotes online by myself, however given the significance of this event being attended online for the first time, I thought it might be interesting to invite you all to join me while we watch the presentation together. We can discuss the topics that are brought up, and ask questions of ourselves regarding the importance or (even the) interest of the technologies being introduced.


The way this watch party will work is very simple. All of us will tune-in to either Apple’s events page or Apple’s YouTube event to watch the presentation. In another window, or on another device; at the same time, we will all meet in our typical computer club Google meet group. From there we will have discussions about what we’re watching, and how it could affect us and the technologies we use.

I will attempt to stream our discussion on YouTube as we do with our computer club meeting.

Everyone and anyone is invited to join our meeting.


Apple’s Events page:

Apple’s YouTube Event:

As well, the event will also be showing prominently on the Apple TV app on the day of the event.


You will be able to join our Google meet using the same meet code that we use each week for the San Carlos Computer Club meetings (i.e., meet code: [kxz-zyss-eqh], as with our meetings you will need a Google services account (i.e., gmail account) to join our discussion.’ Other than joining our meeting, you may choose to follow along on our YouTube stream at: . Either way feel free to join us.


If I have all my times correct, then the event should begin at 10 o’clock Pacific Standard Time which, at the moment, is the same as Sonoran/AZ time. I will be hosting our Google meet at least 30 minutes before the event (if not earlier.) So feel free to join me as early as you would like. We will do a countdown to the start of the presentation.

NOTE: If you do join us late, please mute your microphone as you enter the group. Also, Take some time to get a feel for our conversation before contributing. We will have already established a rhythm and maybe even some rules to the way we’re communicating during the presentation.

Keynote events have been knowing to take up to 2 hours. No one needs to feel obligated to stay for the entire length, however I’m going to budget 2.5 hours of my morning; that is until 12:30pm. Also, I am interested in having a quick 5 to 10 minute discussion after the keynote with anyone that would be interested in sticking around with me; no obligation.

I always enjoy these kinds of interaction and I hope you will too. At the conclusion of the keynote we may be aware of other sessions that are of interest, and that we may want to do another watch party. If you aren’t able to stay with us until the end, I will make appropriate announcements for future watch parties.

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