Are you prepared for tomorrow’s meeting? Send me any topics. Here are a few I am thinking about.

Hello Clubbers,

Are you prepared for tomorrow’s meeting? Currently, we’re getting geared up for a new look and feel for the San Carlos computer club meetings.  Besides having new logo designs, we’re also going to try a new video system.

Our plan is to connect using a Google Meet conversation. This will require a Google services account (e.g., a Gmail account.) You must have an account. 

I will be maintaining the same Skype meeting ( If anyone has a problem using the Google Meet let me know in the Skype meeting, and I will help to get you on the Google Meet

I should be available early tomorrow around 8 am. Our meeting will start at 9 am.

Also, I wanted to put out some of the topics I was considering for tomorrow’s meeting. As you know, we have no real agenda, however I thought in this “virtual meeting” format some people may enjoy pre-reading my sources. Here are three topics I was thinking about for tomorrow:

Talk to you all tomorrow.



Skype Meeting:
Google Meet:

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