Computer Club Meetings Go Virtual Starting Tomorrow!

Virtual Meetings

The San Carlos Computer Cub has switched to virtual meetings for the indefinite future. My plan is to announce the weekly meeting with a link to a Hangouts call, as well as, a link to the regular YouTube video stream.

Use the Hangouts link to join the meeting. Anyone can join the Hangouts call, but you need a Google account. Your gmail account works as a Google account (it also works for YouTube.) You may use Hangouts on your computers through your web browsers. However, many of you already have Hangouts installed and ready to use your mobile devices. If you want to be called when when the meeting starts I will need your Google account name.

The YouTube link is for watching ‘the show.’ Anyone can view our live YouTube video stream. With a Google account, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to receive notifications when we go live and when we post new videos. If you missed a meeting it will be archive on your YouTube channel.

Well…I hope this works. I can’t wait to talk to you all tomorrow. If you want to be contacted when we start the call, then you need to send me your Google account names.

Be safe and #techOn!

Scott, head Nerd/Guru from International Computer Solutions and guest Host for The San Carlos Computer Club.



  1. Cool morning! Thanks! See you next Tuesday! Bill says we have to watch the camera angle on some of the pjs!

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