Computer Club Day! Broadcasting Live in 10 minutes from Tequila’s at 9:15 AM

Meetings are at Tequila’s

Link to Live Audio Stream | Link to Our YouTube Channel
Link to irc Chat Room (channel

Meeting details

  1. We meet every Tuesday morning 9:15-10:15ish in Tequila’s.
  2. Tequila’s provides us with WiFi, so you can bring your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  3. We have a 10 peso donation that we collect as a propina to Tequila’s for providing us with the room, WiFi, and service.
  4. Many people arrive earlier (around 8:30 am) to have breakfast before our meeting.
  5. There is no formal order or structure to our group, however we take turns, encourage people to share, and  help each other.
  6. Each meeting is live streamed as both and audio stream, and a video YouTube stream. A recording is published as a podcast that is available from this website, in the iTunes Store, or in anywhere you may find your podcasts. Just search for, ‘ The San Carlos Computer Club’. leave a review while you’re there.
  7. I am happy to answer questions, and provide information on any topic that I am knowledgeable in if it interests the group.

Comments are appreciated.
Thanks, Scott

Please let me know if you have trouble listening to our stream.


  1. I’m a new live stream listener. My prior commitments conflict w/attending Tuesday mornings meeting. I’m curious to know if you and the group can answer 2questions. Does the group know if I can replace my 2015 Motorola Droid phone with a new battery. I’d like to continue using my same phone as I hold out on a phone purchase for another year while the 5G tech develops, and I like my phone. My second question: who has the best phone bundle (house phone and high speed internet) in San Carlos. Thank you

    • Hi Peggy,
      I think you should check with your neighbors about the best internet/phone bundle. In San Carlos we have Telmex, MegaCable, and Telcel offering internet+phone, but which you ‘would’ prefer would be what is best available in your area. Checking with your neighbors’ experiences would be your best guide.

      Do you have a model name for your phone? My brother-in-law has a cell repair shop in Guaymas, and he could probably do the battery replacement, but I think I need a little more identification information. Look in settings, in the “about” for phone model name/number.

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