video Club Meeting #23, “March 27, 2018 :23: Special Guest: Kennith and Augustine from Horizon – Security and Home Automation in San Carlos”

Club Day! Our Meeting will begin at 9:15
broadcasting YouTube Live Stream from Tequilas

Howdy Folk!

I hope everyone can join us today (anyone and everyone is welcome to attend our meetings.) We’re hoping to have a special guest speaker joining us today from Horizon Smart Home. They will come talk with us about the kinds of services they are offering in San Carlos for security and home automation. I will be recording the session, so if you can’t join us then look for the video to be posted later on Youtube.

I hope everyone has an awesome day.

I’ll CUthere and #techOn!


Listen to the audio at: [here]

Watch on Youtube at:, or just click on the embedded video below:

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