Hey, Today the Internet may work! Tune-in at 9:15am and Check our Live Audio and/or Youtube Streams.

Hi Clubbers,

Those of us who have followed our club’s progress are aware of the kinds of problems that has plagued our friendly meeting. Throughout the last 10 years we have suffered from equipment failures and Internet issues. These problems come hand-and-hand with interesting people and fun topics. Today, hopefully, some of these problems will be resolved. Today (at least) our connections may be stable. Between Tequila’s and my office, then should be ready to go.

Tequila Upgrade:
When I left Tequila’s last week they were in the process of improving their infrastructure (i.e., running cables across the restaurant to offer better wifi coverage.) I’ll arrive early this morning and check what is available. Hopefully, we’re good to go, but if not, then I’ll have sometime in the morning to address any simple issues. With a little luck this maybe the club meeting that streams without a hitch. Regardless, by next week the WiFi should not be a problem. Bring on the other problems!

Audio Stream last week fell Apart:
So during our meeting last week I watched the audio stream go up and down a number of times before it fizzled out around 10am. I had been blaming the problems on current WiFi issues, however, it was odd that it died completely. The audio stream is rebroadcast-ed from my office, and when I returned I was surprised to find that, while, in our meeting,  I had been bragging about my current internet connection, that same Internet connection had completely died. Funny, because of the circumstances I can pin point the exact time period that I lost internet. I immediately got on the phone (dial 050, or 01-800-123-2222) and reported the issue (it had really looked like someone had turned it off.) Only two days later (after having to track down a tech ourselves) the internet was back and better then ever. Hopefully, this is the end of the problem. Everything’s been working great since.

So, if you can’t make it to our meeting physically, please tried to make it virtually! Check-out the audio stream, and/or the Youtube Stream and give me some feed back.

Thanks for all the interest!




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