We’re Back! Again! Really! Honestly it’s the second meeting of our season!

Hello Clubbers.

Today’s the day! The second meeting of this season.

Where was everybody last week,

We did do the first meeting of the San Carlos Computer Club last week, but it ended up being just Linda and myself. We didn’t have a live audio stream because of internet problems at my office, but I did stream it on Youtube and you can check it our at:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iXXwyIQOOg&feature=youtu.be&a (audio starts at 8m35s)

There were audio problems at the beginning. A special thanks to people in my office for letting us know and give us the chance to fix the problem. As a result the audio doesn’t start until around 8 minutes 35 seconds.

I do have a audio recording that I will add to our RSS feed so it can be found in iTunes, Google Play, or on this blog.

I hope everyone had an awesome summer, and I hope to see you guys at Tequila’s today at 9:15 for the San Carlos Computer Club.

We’re Back Baby!

Tech On!


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