Computer Club goes Live (Facebook) for 2017 Join us at 9:15am Today

Hi Clubbers,

Welcome back from the holidays. I hope everyone had a great time. We will be hosting our first meeting of 2017 today at Tequilas’ starting at 9:15am. Today is also our official launch of streaming live video of our club using FaceBook Live. I am not sure how this will workout. I am not sure if you’ll need a Facebook account (I think you will). Also, the timestamp on the link appears on one of my computers as 8:15am (not yet sure why) so if it has a different time DON’T BELIEVE IT! Our meeting will start at it’s usual time (9:15 AZ time zone UTC-7).

Please bring your topics and questions. Everyone is welcome to join us. If you can’t be with us at Tequila’s, tune-in to the video stream, and if that isn’t working for you, then we still have the audio stream, and I will also publish the audio recording as a podcast later in the week.

Thanks for your interest.

Tech On!


Here is a link to the coverage:


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