April 5, 2016 :24: It’s Math!

Hey Clubbers,

Look at that! Two weeks in a row I’ve published within 48hrs  (actually within 24hrs, but … “Don’t get cocky KID!). It was a great meeting today. I think we had a lot of fun. I sure did. There was a lot of people, and many good topics. Some of the things we covered are:

  • Routers – VPNs and terminating our own connection, IoT (Internet of Things) Security, and router equipment.
  • Using Kodi – equipment and channels (TV-Addons)
  • App Recommendations: SpaceSniffer (version 1.3.0) to help you find lost disk space, and Never10.to shut-off the Windows 10 upgrade notice. Never10 is brought to you by Steven Gibson and GRC (thank you for all the excellence through out the year.)
  • About hard drive partitions
  • Comparing some of the cloud services
  • Apple v FBI — yeah! that’s right! Some of you wish you’d stayed after…and, well, and some of you are glad you didn’t.

We had a great time.

Thanks for listening, and Tech On!
Scott, headNerd at International Computer Solutions (internationalcs.net)

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