April 21, 2015 Clubcast is Now Available: 24th meeting: Wunderlist, OSX updates, iCloud, SmartWatch Update, and email Services

Hi Clubbers,
This is a little behind schedule, but here it is.

We had a good meeting with a couple of new people that joined us. Some the topics we covered were:
* I recommend ‘Wunderlist’ – a checklist app for Windows7+ OSX 10.9+, Android, and iOS.
* OSX updates.
* Sharing between APPs and services using cloud storage.
* The iCloud and OneDrive services.
* Google’s Smartware update for it’s smartwatch platform.
* A little Windows 10 news.
* A brief description of how email services work on devices.

It was a lot of funny.
Hope you enjoy it. Tech On!
…oh and I’ll see you next Tuesday at my last meeting of the season.

Scott Stimson, headNerd at International Computer Solutions (internationalcs.net)

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