April 7 Clubcast is Now Available: 22nd meeting: My Girls Visit the Club Meeting, but Our Audio Stream was Broken

Hi Clubbers!

Sorry about the first 45 seconds (sounds ugly.) You may want to adjust your volume (for some reason it record very high.)

Thanks for making my kids feel so welcome. They are tablet maniacs and spent the whole meeting playing MineCraft and talking with themselves. If anyone need info on MineCraft ask the kids.

It was a good meeting with nice people, but we never did get an audio stream working.

We talked about about Roku and MachTV and Power line network extenders. Also, Jim brought up the topic of capacitor boxes that (again) needs more research from me. I think he’s challenging me (grin). Also, had an interesting discussion of propane explosions.

Chester prompted a discussion on things that will cause a PC to slow down over time. Also, what’s the different between restart vs shutdown and the difference between old windows vs Win8, 8.1, and 10.

Gary prompted a discussion on missing drive letters under windows for USB mass storage devices. Why it doesn’t also have the same drive letter, or missing drive letter, and how to change the drive letter.

Linda prompted a discussion on Android 4.4 vs Android 5.

If you weren’t with us then your only chance to hear the meeting is this podcast.

You can subscribe to our feed and get our regular meeting on iTune just search the iTunes store for “The San Carlos Computer Club”.

Thanks for tuning in with us.

I’ll see you next Tuesday.

Tech On!

Scott, headNerd guru from International Computer Solutions.


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